Happy Life in FEELER

Employee Benefits

1. Base on labor standard law-84 working hours of two weeks.
2. Salary Structure
Base Salary、Mid-Mar Payouts、Mid-Aug Payouts、Year-End Bonus.
3. Insurance Planning
We provide labor、health and group insurance.
4. Food subsidies
luncheon allowance.
5. Employee Health
periodic health examination.
6. Employee Activities
Social activity、Overseas and domestic tourism、Year-End Party.
7. Employee Training
Employee Education and Training.
8. Employee Uniform
We provide overalls and jackets.
9. The benefits of employee welfare -Birthday、Wedding、Funeral、
childbirth、Housewarming、Hospitalized、Emergency relief fund、scholarship.
10. Sound retirement system
Sidelights On Employee Activities Date
2015 Employee Travel 【2015-07/18】
2015 Japan Hokkaido Employee Travel 【2015-09/11】
2016 Fair Friend Group Taiwan Games 【2016-01/30】
2016 Employee Travel 【2016-07/23】