IMTS 2018 FEELER Press Release Public Date:2018-08-31

Taiwan’s leading machine tool manufacturer FEELER which is also the original brand of the world 3rd largest  machine tools group, FFG(Fair Friend Group). FEELER will exhibit at IMTS 2018 in the booth No. is S338129 with total space up to 10,000 square feet. FEELER will launch three powerful machine tools to meet the customers’ needs, including the 5 axis machining center U-800 which is suitable for the aerospace and precision molds industry, 4+1 axis machining center U-250 which is suitable for complex and multiple curve workpiece processing, and the vertical machining center HV-40A which is suitable for high speed cutting. All of these machine tools will be shown in IMTS 2018, and they will offer customers a wide range of choices.

FEELER will exhibit the 5-axis machining center U-800 which awarded 〝TAIWAN EXCELLENCE GOLD AWARD 2018〞 at IMTS 2018. U-800 will be targeting aerospace, automotive, energy and precision molds industry. U-800 is design specifically for high precision machining and creating fine finish. U-800 is designed with a gantry type structure. It has the feature of spacious machining space, which allowing large workpiece to be loaded and unloaded with ease. It is also convenient for operator to check the current machining condition at any time. The advanced U-Shape structure significantly increases structural rigidity and machining accuracy. Comparing with single ball screw, which is easy to cause imbalance situation, the Y-axis equipping with dual ball screws is able to keep balance when moving. The standard 32 tool magazine could be expanded up to 120 tools and servo- controlled tool change system could save more changeover time.

In addition, FEELER will exhibit the 4+1 axis machining center U-250 which is suitable for complex and multiple curve workpiece processing. The structure is 4+1 axis designed and it is targeting medical and precision molds industry. The special narrow shape is designed to save floor space and to shorten the operator's working area. Customers can purchase several U-250 4+1 axis machining centers and linked with  robotic arm equipment for achieving automated production line to mass produce products. It will significantly increase efficiency and save operators. The high efficiency rotary table which installed in U-250 machine center, is designed with roller cam structure to completely eliminate backlashes, and to achieve  high precision, high rigidity, long durability and transmission efficiency.

FEELER will also exhibit the vertical machining center HV-40A which is designed to fulfill the high speed cutting market needs. The iron casting of the column is reinforced by cross ribs. This special design not only upgrades structural torsional torque resistant capability, but also effectively upgrades resonance frequency of low frequency structure. As a result, HV-40A provides optimal stability. Besides, HV-40A has higher saddle than that of conventional models. This special design significantly upgrades bending resistant capability, movement straightness and structural rigidity. In additional, it also facilitates workpiece loading and unloading on meets human-engineering theorem. HV-40A is the best choice for high speed cutting market need.