2019 Taipei TIMTOS Public Date:2019-03-01

2019 Taipei TIMTOS

Welcome to the 2019 Taipei International Machine Tool Show! FFG Group, the third largest machine tool group in the world, will exhibit a total area of 1,170 square meters this year (J0330, 1st floor of Nangang Exhibition Hall). As the largest exhibitor of this exhibition, 7 major brands at home and abroad will be displayed at the exhibition site, and 13 high-level machines and 4 intelligent and movable production lines will also be displayed. FFG will make preparations for the EMO European tool exhibition to be held in Hanover, Germany, in September this year.
Since its establishment in 1979, FFG has been working with its customers to improve its technology, accumulate deep research and design energy, and improve product quality and service. This exhibition will showcase a full range of high-end five-axis machine equipment, including the newly designed vertical and horizontal combination 5-axis machining center machine U1000, milling machine U800T, and U600P. In addition, overseas advanced technology will be introduced in the group through OEM/ODM. The localized high-end swivel head 5-axis machine UB660 in cooperation with SIGMA will be unveiled in the show.
For the FFG domestic sister factories, FFG has gathered Leadwell’s turning and milling machine, Equiptop’s high-end surface grinder, and Ecoca’s lathe combined with gantry robot. Regarding the FFG overseas sister factories, it will lead by Waida Feeler’s Fully Automatic Profile Grinder and the well-known Swiss Pfiffner’s multi-axis machine. It will demonstrate the deep overseas technical energy of FFG. We sincerely invite you to appreciate it.
In the part of the intelligent production line, a fully localized production line will be displayed. The production line is based on FEELER VMP-30 and FEELER TC-20a, with localized controllers and robot arm. It can provide a large number of customized flexible productions through cloud technology. In addition, FEELER’s FMH500 Horizontal Machining Center, combined with double-layer multi-pallets, it can provide customers with mixed line production, small-volume large-variety production. At the same time, it can reduce the time of mold change. It has the advantages of a rapid line change and less space occupied.
In addition, under the trend of global industry 4.0, FFG has become the founding member of the "German Industry 4.0" working group. Besides playing a World Cup competition with global strategic partners, FFG is currently the only member representing Taiwan to apply for the EU 2020 future manufacturing program. In response to the promotion of the Taiwan Government's policy on Intelligent machinery, TIMTOS2019 will focus on "Industry 4.0", which will demonstrate the advanced technology and deep energy of FFG by linking up the on-site exhibition machines for real-time status monitoring. In addition, FFG will also demonstrate 5G future factory solutions. Welcome you to the exhibition for an in-depth experience.