Thermal Compensation

After long term operation and workpiece machining, it would cause thermal deformation of machine structure to affect accuracy. The thermal error compensation system developed by the R&D team of FEELER through mathematics to calculate temperature changes for thermal error compensation to improve machining quality.



Thermal Compensation
Thermal Compensation


  • Create thermal compensation technology
  • Solve thermal displacement issue
  • Thermal difference is restrained under 0.02mm
  • Improve machining quality and create high added value
  • Establish IOT communication system

Applicable models (Continuously increasing, please don’t hesitate to consult us if necessary)

Vertical Machining Center

  • VMP-50(A)
  • VMP-45(A)
  • VMP-40(A)
  • VMP-32(A)
  • VMP-30(A)
  • VMP-23(A)
  • VMX-820
  • VMX-1020

Drilling & Tapping Center

  • TC-20α

5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

  • U-800T
  • U-600P

CNC Bed Type Universal Milling Machine

  • SDM-2220
  • SDM-3220
  • SDM-4225
  • SVW-2217