QMP Series

Ultrasonic Vertical Machining Center QMP-23U

(1)Improve tools life and cutting efficiency, especially ideal for particular process requirements of brittle or hard、 high-temperature superalloy and composite materials.

(2)Increased precision and quality of the workpiece to achieve excellent cutting results. (smooth edge)

(3)Perfected ultrasonic control technology for easy selection, automatic frequency,  and power adjustment.

(4)The strong chipping of chassis concentrates the chips into the path as ensures high efficiency.

(5)Anti-scale cover + KEVLAR armor material, used in glasses, ceramics super hard metal processing which can preventing dust protection system effectively.

(6)Amplitude:Max.15um(depends on tools) /
Frequency:20 kHz ~ 32 kHz(*52kHz).



X-axis Travel 580mm
Y-axis Travel 400mm
Z-axis Travel 510mm
Spindle Nose to Table Surface 80mm-590mm
Table Dimensions 650mm*420mm
Max. Loading Weight 300kg


Spindle Speed 20,000rpm
Spindle Nose # 30
Spindle Power 2.2/3.7 Kw


X-axis Rapid Traverse 36 m/min
Y-axis Rapid Traverse 36 m/min
Z-axis Rapid Traverse 36 m/min