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Lathes(Linear)、CNC lathes

FEELER’s Lathes(Linear)、CNC lathes insists on stable quality and customer satisfaction first. FEELER keeps material inspection and check at each manufacturing stage to produce the most reliable Lathes(Linear)、CNC lathes in the market.

FTC Series



X-axis travel 175+10mm
Y-axis travel 80(±40)mm
Z-axis travel 555mm
E-axis travel 660mm
Tailstock travel type None
Tailstock travel None
Quill travel type None
Quill diameter None
Quill stroke None
Quill taper None


Spindle speed 4,500rpm /sub:6,000rpm
Spindle nose A2-6 /sub:A2-5
Hydraulic chuck diameter φ210mm sub:φ169mm
Spindle bore diamete φ62mm sub:φ56mm
Spindle bearing diameter φ100mm sub:φ90mm
Spindle taper 1:20 sub:MT#6
Live tooling spindle speed 3,000mm


Rapid traverse X-axis 24m/min
Rapid traverse Y-axis 12m/min
Rapid traverse Z-axis 24m/min
Rapid traverse E-axis 12m/min