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Lathes(Linear)、CNC lathes

FEELER’s Lathes(Linear)、CNC lathes insists on stable quality and customer satisfaction first. FEELER keeps material inspection and check at each manufacturing stage to produce the most reliable Lathes(Linear)、CNC lathes in the market.

HT Series




X-axis travel 260mm
Y-axis travel 795mm
Z-axis travel NONE


Max. spindle speed 3,500rpm
Type of spindle nose JIS A2-8
Through-spindle hole diame 88mm
Min spindle indexing angle 0.001゜
Spindle bearing inner diameter 130mm


X、Z  Rapid traverse rate 30,000mm/min
Y Rapid traverse rate NONE
E Rapid traverse rate 7,000mm/min
C Rapid traverse rate 80rpm