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FEELER’s 5 axis vertical machining centers insists on stable quality and customer satisfaction first. FEELER keeps material inspection and check at each manufacturing stage to produce the most reliable 5 axis vertical machining centers in the market.
U Series


•Gantry type structure
   -  Designed with a gantry type structure, the Feeler U800-5AX 5-axis machining    center has the feature of spacious machining space, allowing large workpiece to be loaded and unloaded with ease. It is also convenient for operator to check the current machining condition at any time.
•U-shaped construction of base and column
   -The advanced U-Shape structure significantly increases structural rigidity and   machining accuracy.
   -X.Y.Z axis rapid traverse rate reach 48m/min.
   - Suitable for equipping with a large diameter of rotary table.

•Three axes overlap and separated from two rotary axes
   - This design avoids a distance between the machining point and the intersection point of two rotating axes.
   -  Easy to compensate for the errors of radius on rotating axes and movement on three linear axes to ensure the machine's stability and accuracy.

•Separated design for three axes moving area and machining area
   -  This design feature not only makes chip removal more convenient, but also enables better chip-prevention capability of the machine.
   -  The rotaary shaft speed is increased by 800 rpm, which makes the turntable have a high-speed turning function.



X-axis travel 800mm
Y-axis travel 935mm
Z-axis travel 640mm
A-Axis rotation +120°~-120  °
C-Axis rotation 360°
Spindle nose to table surface 85mm(±5mm)-725mm(±5mm)
Table surface to floor 900mm(±5mm)


Spindle speed Direct-drive type 12,000rpm
Spindle taper 7/24 Taper NO.40
Spindle power 20/37 Kw


X-axis rapid 48m/min
Y-axis rapid 48m/min
Z-axis rapid 48m/min