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Automation Production Line

Flexible Automation Production Line

Experiencing – Remote Ordering Personal Mobile Phone Case

(1)Display making orders on tablet on site [Cloud Computing], producing customized mobile phone case in 3~5 minutes [Flexibly customized & mass production].

(2)In the meantime monitoring the live process + parameters/ activation through tablet。[Remote & Real-time Monitoring + Data Collecting].

(3)During production process of mobile phone case material (Upstream, OP10), measure critical dimension & mark ID serial number on line. (OP10, by Laser Marking Machine).After completion of customized mobile phone case, customer can enter serial ID number of the case & check the developing information on website, acquire its setting & processing conditions, critical dimension。[Traceability of product + Highly Efficient Quality Control(CCD The Finished Defect Inspection + Robot Polishing)]