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Automation Production Line

FTC-350LY + Gantry Type Robot

Demonstration case - Faucet Spool Parts

1. 2 Turning and Milling Centers combined with gantry type robot and feeding table.

2. Machining OP10 (A side) & OP20 (B side) by using 2 Turning and Milling Centers. Completed the machining process by using workpiece turning station.

3. Gantry type robot helps to load and unloading material automatically with high accuracy. It helps to load the material quickly which increases the production volume and reduce labor requirement. The floor space occupied by the machine is small, which gains the flexibility to work with CNC Lathes production line.

4. The feeding table provides off-machine loading material, and it is connected with movable racks. It has the benefits of small floor space, large capacity, high efficiency, and large expansion flexibility.