Vertical machining center - FEELER
FEELER’s vertical machining centers(Linear) insists on stable quality and customer satisfaction first. FEELER keeps material inspection and check at each manufacturing stage to produce the most reliable vertical machining centers(Linear) in the market.
VBX Series


In response to heavy-duty, general machining, and parts processing industries, FEELER introduces the VBX series. VBX is a high rigidity and high stability box way machining center with a very stable structure. The three-axis is designed with a large span box way, and the heavy-duty machining ability is excellent with extraordinary machining efficiency.
1. The main body structure is made of Meehanite cast iron which the material is very stable, so the entire machine will not deform for a long lifetime.
2. Three-axis ultra-wide box way rail, which greatly improves the rigidity and stability of the whole machine.
3. The box way is hardened by heat treatment and precision ground; the slideway surface is covered with Turcite-B, which has great wear resistance and ensures long-term accuracy.
4. Three-axis ballscrew bearing is lubricated with oil to improve bearing life.
5. Finite element analysis (FEM) software for dynamic simulation and structural analysis to ensure the machine achieves the best structural rigidity, machine accuracy, and reliability.


X-axis travel 1,400mm(VBX-1400)/1,650mm(VBX-1650)
Y-axis travel 800mm
Z-axis travel 700mm
Spindle Nose to Table Surface 145mm-845mm
Spindle Center to Column Surface 850mm
Table surface to floor 975mm
Table Center to Column Surface 450mm-1250mm


Spindle speed 10,000rpm/#40;4,000(*6,000)rpm/#50
Spindle taper 7/24 Taper NO.40/#40;7/24 Taper NO.50/#50
Spindle power 7.5/15 Kw/#40;7.5/15 Kw(*18.5/22/30)/#50


X-axis rapid 20 m/min
Y-axis rapid 20 m/min
Z-axis rapid 18 m/min