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FEELER’s 5 axis vertical machining centers insists on stable quality and customer satisfaction first. FEELER keeps material inspection and check at each manufacturing stage to produce the most reliable 5 axis vertical machining centers in the market.
VUX Series


With the diversified demands of customer machining and application, multi-axis machine tool will gradually replace the three-axis machine tool. Therefore, FEELER launched the new generation VUX series of 4/5-axis vertical machining centers, which can be used for machining special angles and complex multi-curved workpieces where the original three-axis axis cannot be machined.
* Workpiece clamping positioning at one time:Shorten processing time, one-step machining, and reduce repetitive positioning time.
* Machining the undercut area:Reducing the usage of forming tool, improve complex surface machining applications.
* Processing deep hole mold:Reduce tool wear and special fixture costs.
* Reduce tool length:Improve cutting tool rigidity and life and workpiece can get better surface roughness.
* Suitable for:Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Precision mold and other industries.



X-axis travel 510 mm
Y-axis travel 420 mm
Z-axis travel 395 mm
A(B)-axis rotation angle +30 ~ -120°
C-axis rotation angle 0 ~ 360°
Spindle nose to table surface 50~445 mm
Table surface to floor 1115 mm


Spindle speed Direct-drive type 12,000rpm
Spindle taper 7/24 Taper No.40
Spindle power 7.5/11 Kw


X-axis rapid traverse 36 m/min
Y-axis rapid traverse 36 m/min
Z-axis rapid traverse 32 m/min