FFG Newsletter of EMO 2019 Public Date:2019-09-23

FFG Newsletter of EMO 2019

The biggest machine tool show in the world, EMO, opens in Hannover from September 16th to 21st, 2019. FFG covers the entire Hall 14 again and presents with approximately 4,100m², accompanied by more than 30 international alliance brands, displaying intelligent production demonstration lines. There are over 35 machine tools and manufacturing cells to be showed. Moreover, FFG presents all exhibits under the theme “Focus on Smart Production”, no matter how much area occupied, booth planning, technologies and machines, marketing, mobilization of manpower and so on. FFG shows again unprecedented scope and contents and to be focused by the entire EMO.
Not only focus on the booth scope and content, but also perform FFG various technology solutions & abundant production demonstration lines. The only machine tool manufacturer in the world covers automotive, aerospace, rail transport, energy, mold & die, mechanical engineering industries and etc. for the most demanding industrial applications and the global leader & pilot of smart production and 5G future factory around the globe. In order to present these advantages in a more concrete way, there are eight characteristic areas for this exhibition extends from the stand-alone, series connection, automation, to the configuration concept of the whole plant. FFG Group highlights with exceptionally meaningful the richness and completeness of the product line.
Moreover as many as 35 high-end machines were exhibited which was full of eye-catching then attracted global buyer’s attention. MAG launched the SPECHT 500 DUO high-end model, which can be processed for electric vehicle components, it is extremely suitable for machining the motor casing. What’s more, the PFIFFNER Swiss manufacturer has exhibited RT multi-axis machines of up to NT$100 million. This machine can be equipped with up to 6 power turrets at the same time, and it has 12 workstations. Each workstation is with vertical and horizontal cutting function. It is a multi-axis machine to bring highly efficient, flexible and mass-produced. HESSAPP and MODUL in Germany also show the high-precision hobbing machine. The group's parent brand, FEELER, also exhibits a five-axis machining machine with combined milling and turning machine, which is very suitable for the machining of high-precision small and medium-sized parts of Aerospace.
Besides, for the future global smart manufacturing trend, FEELER integrates all the energy within the Group and introduces the technology, trends and future vision of FEELER Smart Manufacturing. FFG’s professionals are on the booth to explain and introduce the technology from the single smart machine, smart manufacturing, smart factory, 5G future unmanned factory, and other total solutions.
Diversified marketing is also one of the key point of FFG exhibition strategies this time. We specially choose Hannover airport to do the advertising of FFG, such as at outdoor pick-up area, we make various advertisements with billboard, LED light box and big posters to generate exposure, moreover, we post our news on Daily Newsletter of EMO. Also, from FFG own website, www.ffg-emo.com, users are able to check our latest news from time to time. With these marketing strategies, we aspire to become the center of this show to let “Taiwan” take its place on global stage, also, becoming the brand that be proud by Taiwan.